Studienpraxis Urologie

Susan Feyerabend M.D. and Tilman Todenhöfer M.D.

The Studienpraxis Urologie is dedicated to the professional execution of clinical Phase I-IV studies for urologic conditions with a focus on Oncology - in prostate cancer for example, we participated in nearly all recent, pivotal phase II and III trials and have a track record as one of the top international recruiting centers. This is possible through our extensive network of collaborating urologists and specialty clinics.


Study Site and treatment address

Studienpraxis Urologie

Steinengrabenstr. 17, 72622 Nürtingen, Germany



Panoramastrasse 111, 72766 Reutlingen, Germany

E-Mail: praxis(at)studienurologie.de


Dr. Susan Feyerabend +49..(0)1520 ..1622246
Prof. Dr. Tilman Todenhöfer +49..(0)170 ..3809223
Facsimile: +49..(0)7121 ..746772

In accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP, ICH-GCP) and in consideration of all therapeutic options, our experienced study team is dedicated to provide cancer patients the best medical care possible and to efficiently provide our sponsors high quality data.